Juveniles Escape Pennsylvania Detention Center; Quickly Apprehended

(PatriotWise.com) — Just a fortnight after the apprehension of a prison escapee following a two-week extensive search in Pennsylvania, another security breach occurred with nine teenage males, ages ranging between 15 and 17, managing to flee from the Abraxas Academy juvenile detention center. This facility is situated a mere 15 miles from the prison where the prior escape took place, and the teenagers orchestrated their escape amidst a riot, subduing two female guards in the process.

Prompt intervention by local and state law enforcement agencies ensured the restoration of order at the facility. Post-escape, five of the teenagers were traced following reports of a hijacked vehicle on Oak Grove Road in Morgantown. Interestingly, the remaining four reportedly requested that a local resident inform the police of their location. The escapade lasted just two hours before law enforcement agencies could round them up.

Post incident, the Berks County district attorney declared that all escapees would face charges of aggravated and simple assault, along with escape, with some potentially facing additional charges for the vehicle theft. The manhunt deployed extensive resources, including sixty law enforcement personnel, police dogs, and drones.

Pennsylvania state police spokesperson, David Boehm, detailed the escape, mentioning that the teens likely accessed the keys from the guards and might have sneaked out by crawling under the facility’s fence, stating, “They collaborated to achieve this.”

This event isn’t an isolated one; the facility had witnessed a riot previously, which, as Boehm compared, was significantly severe, occurring on July 4. Although no escapes were recorded then, the reinforcement from nineteen other police departments was crucial to reclaiming control.

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