Kamala Harris Get Ambushed With Kissing Question

(PatriotWise.com) — Vice President Kamala Harris appeared shocked when she was asked about the kiss her husband shared with First Lady Jill Biden just before the President’s State of the Union address. A video showing the intimate kiss has gone viral online but the Vice President seems unaware of it. When asked for a comment by Univision correspondent Edwin Pitti, Harris said, “I haven’t watched the video, I don’t know, but I do know that the First Lady and Second Gentleman are working arduously with what we are doing with my husband against antisemitism – very important.”

Harris’s husband Douglas Emhoff is the first Second Gentleman of the United States, as he is the first spouse of a female Vice President. His online government profile shows him to be an active campaigner for the Biden-Harris administration. He has traveled across the US advocating the administration’s policies and regularly hosts events at the White House. He is also described as the first Jewish spouse of a President or Vice President and as such, hosts official Jewish festivals in Washington, DC. He is a lawyer who was heavily involved in promoting vaccination during the pandemic.

Emhoff has emerged in recent months as the administration’s leader against antisemitism. He traveled to Poland in February to visit the Nazi death camp Auschwitz, before meeting with European envoys in Berlin. He will also visit a museum dedicated to Oskar Schindler, the Nazi party member, and businessman who saved 1,000s of Jews from being murdered. Poland is likely to be particularly poignant for the Second Gentleman as his own great-grandparents fled from there at the time of the Nazi rise in Europe. Speaking of his emerging role in government, Mr. Emhoff said, “I understand the weight of this responsibility – I do. And as Second Gentleman, let me reiterate, I will not remain silent. I’m proud to be Jewish, and I’m proud to live openly as a Jew. I am not afraid. We cannot live in fear. We refuse to be afraid.”

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