Kamala Harris Hands Out Cookies With Her Face On Them

(PatriotWise.com)- If reporters and corporate news media were the only ones voting in the Democrat primaries, there’s a good chance Kamala Harris would have won the nomination. The most vociferous support for her lackluster Presidential campaign came, not from Democrat primary voters, but from within the American corporate media.

In the early months of the campaign season, “reporters” covering Kamala’s campaign acted more like fan-girls than unbiased journalists. This was especially clear after reporters posted videos of them clothes shopping with Kamala at a South Carolina boutique.

Are they reporters or cast members from “Sex and the City?”

Their fawning support of Kamala Bradshaw didn’t go unnoticed by the Democrat candidate who couldn’t even make it to Iowa. Harris knows where her fan-base lies.

So it isn’t surprising that, in setting off on her first foreign trip, Kamala Harris went to the back of Air Force Two and hand-delivered to the reporters cookies bearing her own likeness.

When USA Today White House correspondent Courtney Subramanian tweeted out a picture of her Kamala Kookie, social media responded with full-throated mockery.

Only Kamala Harris would be so cravenly narcissistic to give her traveling reporters cookies with her own image on them.

The cookie incident only underscores just how bad Kamala is at this. She has zero political instincts. What’s worse, she has surrounded herself with staff who, rather than curb her worst instincts only encourage them.

But the reporters thought it was terrific.

In related news, during a joint press conference in Mexico, one reporter prefaced her question to Harris by telling the Vice President that it was an honor to ask Harris a question because in 2020 she got to vote for the first time as a naturalized citizen and “I voted for you.”

On a side note, Harris’ spokeswoman Symone Sanders identified this woman as a reporter from Univision, however, Univision released a statement saying this reporter has “no association” with them whatsoever.

When you’re gushing sycophantic slobbering over Harris is even too much for Univision, perhaps you should dial it down.