Kamala Harris Requested To Be Removed From Duties By House Republicans

(PatriotWise.com)- Republicans are doubling down on their criticism of Vice President Kamala Harris over her total lack of action on the southern border crisis.

Over 50 House Republicans have urged President Joe Biden to remove the vice president from her position as the head of the White House’s border crisis efforts. In March, the president appointed Vice President Harris to oversee the border crisis and tackle what they call the “root causes” of the problem, failing to acknowledge the obvious fact that the root cause is Democrat policy.

Didn’t they notice that the crisis re-emerged after they reversed all Trump-era immigration policy?

Let by Rep. Glenn Grothman of Wisconsin, Republicans said in a letter that despite the United States experiencing a border crisis worse than at any point in two decades, President Harris hasn’t shown “adequate interest” in observing the issue herself.

Which is…true. Vice President Harris has yet to visit the border and see the crisis for herself, and even lied during a recent televised interview by saying she has already been to the border…when she hasn’t.

Grothman wrote that in the 85 days since the vice president had been tasked with overseeing the problem, she has yet to meet officials from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, had yet to speak to local law enforcement officials, and hasn’t done anything significant at all.

The letter demanded that the president remove Harris from her position, citing the dramatic 180,000 encounters with illegal aliens at the border reported in May alone.

Let’s be honest, it’s pretty unlikely that President Biden is going to listen to these Republicans, but how long can he go on defending Harris when she hasn’t done anything about the border crisis?