Kamala Harris Tells Parents To Buy Gifts For Kids Because Of… Climate Change?

(PatriotWise.com)- As the world watches in horror at what is happening in Afghanistan, where more than a dozen American soldiers have been killed by ISIS-K terrorists and thousands of Americans remain stranded in the country thanks to Joe Biden’s incompetence, Vice President Kamala Harris chose to use a major foreign policy speech to talk about…Christmas shopping and climate change.


Just before ISIS-K terrorists used the instability in Afghanistan to murder American soldiers, Kamala Harris addressed a roundtable of business leaders and then gave a speech in which she warned that COVID-19 and climate change have impacted supply chains.

Right at the end of a pandemic that influenced global supply chains is a perfect time to claim, without evidence, that climate change is affecting it too, isn’t it?

The New York Times reported how on Monday, Harris said that now might be the time to go out and start buying Christmas gifts for children because there may be a delay of “many, many months.”

It was obviously an attempt to encourage people to get out and start spending money, and to assist in repairing the economy as it suffers under Biden’s leadership.

Harris claimed that the “climate crisis” is fueling supply chain issues, and said that the world is looking at “stronger typhoons” that are disrupting shipping lanes and threatens port infrastructure.

The comments came during her week-long tour of Asian, which started on Sunday. And as she talked extensively about supply chains, she failed to even mention Afghanistan.

Seriously, she didn’t say a word about it.

At some point, it stops being comical and becomes extremely concerning.