Kamala Urges Senate to Keep Maternal Health in Socialist Spending Package

(PatriotWise.com)- The White House held something called Maternal Health Day of Action on Tuesday to call attention to the maternal mortality rate in the United States. And during the event, Vice President Kamala Harris argued that more government spending is the solution to bringing the mortality rate down.

Then again, Democrats think more government spending is the solution to everything, don’t they?

Harris called on Congress to lard up the already over-larded “Build Back Better” bill by allocating another $3 billion on maternal healthcare and expanding postpartum Medicaid coverage to a year.

Harris bemoaned that in the 21st century women still face medical complications during childbirth. Naturally, Kamala noted the racial inequity in pregnancy, pointing out that black women and Native American women are more likely to suffer medical complications. So she wants American taxpayers to “invest” in pregnant women, claiming that this “investment” would stimulate the economy by preventing $30 billion in healthcare costs related to childbirth.

Kamala declared that a healthy economy “requires healthy mothers and healthy babies.”

Actually, a healthy economy requires the government to get the hell out of the economy, stop driving up debt by spending money we don’t have, and let Americans keep more of their own money.

This Maternal Health Day of Action was a propaganda event to promote the Biden administration’s effort to force states to extend Medicaid coverage for mothers to a year after they give birth. It was also another way for the White House to flog its “equity” agenda by promoting the claim that healthcare, like every other institution in America, is riddled with so-called “systemic racism.”

Harris also told states not to wait for Congress, but to just go ahead and extend their maternal Medicaid coverage on their own, claiming to do so would save lives “and it will change lives.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control, less than 700 women a year die due to complications in pregnancy. Currently, the massive “Build Back Better” bill includes $3 billion in maternal healthcare funding. In addition to funding to expand the perinatal workforce, the spending would also go to improving data collection and addressing the social factors (aka root causes) that contribute to poor outcomes. In other words, the money is mostly expanding the government bureaucracy.