Kari Lake Welcomes Harry Potter Author “To The Club”

(PatriotWise.com) — Last week, Arizona’s losing gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake welcomed author J.K. Rowling to “the club” for being compared to Josef Stalin, Newsweek reported.

Back in March, the Communist Party of Britain announced its opposition to the Scottish legislature’s bill to make it easier for someone to legally change genders.

At the time, Rowling tweeted a screen capture of tweets from far-Left UK Guardian writer Owen Jones responding to the Communist Party’s statement. In his tweets, Owens claimed that the party’s opposition to the bill was in keeping with the “Stalinist tradition.”

Rowling also tweeted that she looked forward to the Guardian column explaining how the Communist Party of Britain is “far-right.”

In response to her tweets, “climate journalist” Dave Vetter from Forbes replied to Rowling congratulating her for “aligning ideologically with Stalin” due to her opposition to the transgender movement.

Rowling then shared a screen capture of Vetter’s tweet, sarcastically tweeting that after being compared to Adolf Hitler, she was now being compared to Stalin. The author added that with “luck, hard work,” and the continued support of her fans, she might make it to “Vlad the Impaler by Christmas.”

Rowling has been the target of attacks from the far left over her defense of biological women in the face of the encroaching transgender movement. Given the usual attacks directed at Rowling, Vetter’s snotty reply was mild in comparison.

Then last week, Kari Lake stumbled across Rowling’s three-month-old tweet and replied, “Welcome to the Club. Right there with you, sister.”

It is unclear if Kari Lake has ever been compared to Josef Stalin.

Lake is also not nearly as vocal as Rowling in opposing the transgender movement’s erasure of biological women and unlike Kari Lake, the “Harry Potter” author has been equally vocal about her opposition to Donald Trump, so it is not clear into which club Lake was welcoming her.

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