Ken Paxton Deletes 9/11 Photo

( Ken Paxton, the Attorney General of Texas, was pressured into taking down a tweet he made on Saturday commemorating the 20th anniversary of the tragic September 11, 2001 attacks.

The Attorney General posted a heartfelt message about how the United States was attacked by enemies who “turned planes into missiles” and used those missiles to “strike at the heart of American Democracy.”

The tweet was accompanied by a painting of men working in an office in one of the Twin Towers, with the sight of a plane heading right into the tower in the window behind them. It was a daunting and shocking image, but one that encapsulated the fear and horror of the date.

But of course, Democrats got upset about it. It was just another way to take a jab at Texas, and to force Paxton into a manufactured controversy.

Washington Post writer Philip Bump retweeted the post, which has since been deleted, wrote that the painting was “tone-deaf” and “about a decade old.”

We’re not sure why the age of the painting matters, but how is it tone deaf?

Who knows.

Joy Reid, the far-left extremist who describes herself as a “news anchor” for MSNBC, joined in on the outrage.

“Does this image choice strike anyone else as…um…less than tasteful?” she said.

I don’t know, Joy. Does your constant lying about Republicans not strike you as distasteful?

If you’re curious about the image, here it is:

Maybe some people just don’t want to envision the horror of 9/11 by looking at it. That way, it’s harder for them to compare it to the January 6 protests…