Kenosha Mayor Admits National Guard “Extremely Helpful” During Riots

( In case you hadn’t heard, Kenosha, Wisconsin, is being burned to the ground by far-left activists. Or at least it was before the National Guard turned up.

Following the shooting of Jacob Blake, a man who resisted arrest and leaned into his car to grab a knife when police were trying to arrest him, far-left activists took to the street to protest. Representatives of Antifa and Black Lives Matter burned down the city’s black business district (for justice!) and caused mayhem.

President Donald Trump offered some 500 members of the National Guard to help quell the violence early on, but Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers refused and sent in just a couple of hundred agents instead. When the violence proved too difficult to control, Evers was forced to backtrack and accept the president’s offer.

And no matter what the Democrats say, they’re helping. On CNN’s “OutFront” on Monday, Democratic Mayor of Kenosha, John Antaramian, said that the National Guard was “extremely helpful” in helping keep order in the city.

Weirdly, though, he claimed that President Donald Trump didn’t have any involvement with the deployment of the National Guard. He said that Governor Evers “immediately dealt with” the requests to bring in the Guard, but that’s verifiably untrue.

A week ago, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows told Tucker Carlson that Governor Evers turned down an offer from the White House to send additional agents into the city.

He claimed that the “city made the request for the National Guard to come in,” and that “the governor immediately dealt with it, and within 12 hours after the request had been done, the Guard was in Kenosha.”

He claimed that the governor sent in the National Guard “long before any discussions with the president” which again is a stretch. Agents were sent in, but nowhere near as many as local police officials already told the governor they needed.

Mayor Antaramian is probably just helping Governor Evers save face. There is, after all, an election coming up.

The interview on OutFront also covered President Donald Trump’s visit to the city of Kenosha. He said he wasn’t sure what the president was planning, but that he wants to make sure that there’s “calm in the community” and he hopes to maintain it. With the National Guard there, he most likely will be able to do that.