Kevin McCarthy Hints Hunter Biden Testimony Will Be Forced

( — On Friday, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced that David Weiss, the US Attorney in Delaware overseeing the years-long probe into Hunter Biden, has been named special counsel, expanding his investigative powers in the ongoing probe, CBS News reported.

In his announcement, Garland said appointing a special counsel in the Hunter Biden matter “reinforces” the Justice Department’s “commitment” to “independence and accountability.”

However, not everyone is convinced.

Congressional Republicans blasted the move, with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy accusing the Biden Justice Department of attempting to “obstruct congressional investigations” into the Biden family’s foreign business dealings.

McCarthy said in a tweet that Weiss should not be trusted to serve as special counsel since he is the prosecutor who oversaw Hunter’s “sweetheart deal that couldn’t get approved.”

The speaker vowed the Republicans in the House would not let Weiss’ appointment obstruct their ongoing investigations.

In a statement posted on Twitter Friday, Oversight Committee Chair James Comer said Garland’s appointment of Weiss as special counsel is an attempt to “stonewall congressional oversight” now that the House has “presented evidence” of the “Biden family’s corruption.”

Comer vowed that his committee would continue following the “money trail” and interviewing witnesses to determine if “foreign actors targeted the Bidens” and if the president is “compromised and corrupt.”

Comer added that the House Judiciary and Ways and Means Committee would also continue rooting out DOJ misconduct to “hold bad actors accountable for weaponizing law enforcement powers.”

A spokesman for House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan said in a statement on Friday that US Attorney Weiss “can’t be trusted” and accused the Justice Department of attempting to “whitewash” the corruption of the Biden family.

In July, Weiss agreed to testify before the Judiciary Committee in the fall. And according to Jordan’s spokesman, the committee still expects Weiss to appear, NBC News reported.

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