Kevin McCarthy Issues Letter To January 6th Committee

( – On Wednesday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) demanded the preservation of committee records for the next Republican-controlled Congress next January in a letter he sent to Bennie Thompson (D-MS), the chairman of the House January 6th Committee. McCarthy added that on January 6, 2021, Republicans will conduct hearings to discuss why the Capitol was “not safe.”

McCarthy has been behaving and making statements to demonstrate his suitability as Speaker of the House as he battles to win enough support from the GOP caucus. It remains to be seen if he can persuade the required 218 votes.

The 118th Congress will be led by Republicans, as chosen by the American people. Your term as Chairman of the Select Committee to Inquire about the Attack on the US Capitol on January 6, 2023, will expire on January 3, 2023. I’m reminding you and your committee staff to follow House Rule VII and keep any records gathered throughout your investigation, including transcripts of any testimony you may have taken.

Regardless of who may oversee the Committee’s work, you, as its chairman, are in charge of what its members and staff are doing.

Recent press stories make it quite evident that not even the Committee’s members and staff are aware of the full scope of the probe. Some reports claim that the Committee’s final report will exclude large portions of its conclusions. This probe took a year and a half, costing millions of tax dollars. All information gathered must be kept to maintain transparency with the American people and institutional rights. The American people are entitled to all the information you obtained, not just the information that supports your political goal, and they own the official Congressional Records, not you or any other member.

The Republican-controlled 118th Congress will convene hearings that do this even though the reasons the Capitol complex was not safe on January 6, 2021, were not the main topic of your Committee’s open hearings. The American people have a right to know that the claims they’ve made are backed up by the truth and to have access to the transcripts so that 18 USC 1001 can be actively enforced.

Bennie Thompson informed the media that Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s testimony would be recorded and made available to the public. Thompson says there is a “good probability” the report will be released before Christmas.

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