Kevin McCarthy Says Americans Should Not Protest Over Trump’s Indictment

( — Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has urged Americans not to protest if Donald Trump is indicted. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has yet to have Mr. Trump arrested, though it is believed that this could happen at any moment. Trump is facing charges related to a hush-money scandal involving his one-time lawyer Michael Cohen who paid $130,000 to an adult movie actress to stay silent about her alleged affair with the former President. McCarthy said the country needs to be calm and there should be no risk of people getting hurt over the issue. However, he did defend Donald Trump and agreed with many senior figures in the Republican Party that the indictment, if it comes, will be wholly political and an attempt to bring down the front-runner in the Presidential race.

In New York City, police have erected barriers outside the office of the District Attorney, as well as Manhattan’s Criminal Court. NYPD Chief Kevin Maloney said, “It’s Lower Manhattan, there’s always plenty of police presence down there anyway. So we’ll monitor the situation. We’ll have ample resources.”

The former President is facing several potential indictments, including in Georgia where the Democratic DA has also pondered charges over allegations that Mr. Trump tried to interfere with that state’s election count.

Many senior Republicans have supported President Trump and some say an indictment will only help his Presidential campaign. The GOP has accused Democrats of “weaponizing” agencies, including law enforcement agencies, against them as a political tactic. The indictment has been seized upon as proof of this. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said it is ironic that a left-wing DA will help Trump back into the White House.

If indicted, Trump will be the first former President to face criminal charges. He was also the first to be impeached by Congress twice. If he is charged with a criminal offense, or even convicted, he can still stand in the 2024 election and can still return to the Oval Office if he wins.

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