Kevin McCarthy Says Biden’s Big Government Socialism isn’t Working

( According to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the Democrats’ one-party rule is proving that “big government socialism isn’t working.”

During an interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Features” this weekend, McCarthy blasted President Biden’s so-called “Build Back Better” agenda.

McCarthy successfully delayed the House vote on the monstrous BBB bill on Thursday when he delivered the longest floor speech in House history by filibustering for over eight-and-a-half hours. Ultimately, the vote scheduled for Thursday evening had to be delayed until the next morning.

In discussing the Democrats’ massive spending bill, McCarthy told Bartiromo that Biden’s agenda has caused the highest inflation in over thirty years. While gas prices soar, instead of unleashing the US energy sector, Biden is begging OPEC and Russia to produce more.

McCarthy hammered the administration for weakening our military by focusing on “wokeism” instead of military readiness. And he slammed the Biden Justice Department and Attorney General Merrick Garland for targeting American parents.

The Republican leader told Bartiromo that his anger over all of this is what prompted him to keep his filibuster going.

McCarthy points out that this monstrous “Build Back Better” bill is the most expensive piece of legislation in American history and it was passed strictly along party lines. He said the bill would completely transform the entire country including the tax code, healthcare, the environment, education, and housing, adding that it is “astounding in its reach.”

McCarthy believes that Democrats will pay a price for forcing this bill through. What’s more, McCarthy explained, Democrats know they will lose the House next year which is why they are trying to ram through these massive bills before that happens.

McCarthy also suggested that Speaker Nancy Pelosi won’t be in Congress after the midterms, adding that she is already acting like a lame-duck Speaker. “She seems like she is on a farewell tour,” McCarthy said.

According to McCarthy, during his 8+ hour speech, the childish Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez heckled him when he quoted Congresswoman Spanberger who said nobody elected Biden to be FDR. Ocasio-Cortez shouted from the back of the room, “I did!”

Watch McCarthy’s complete interview HERE.