Kim Jong Un Builds 8 New Mansions To Trick Wannabe Assassins

( According to the UK Daily Mail, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is building eight new luxury estates within his “forbidden city” so potential assassins will never know where he is.

An analysis conducted by North Korea Leadership Watch revealed eight new houses in the Ch’angkwangsan Compound, Kim’s secretive estate in Pyongyang. It also revealed a new guard building and several additional plots for future buildings.

Michael Madden from North Korea Leadership Watch suggested that the new homes could just be new residences for members of Kim Jong-un’s family. But it is also possible they are being constructed to make a “decapitation strike” on Kim harder to pull off.

A “decapitation” is the name given to a mission designed to capture or kill a high-value target, usually someone with command and control over the military.

The Pentagon and South Korean military have for years conducted war games that included a decapitation mission on Kim Jong-un.

According to a recent article at The Daily Beast, analysts believe that just the mere mention of a decapitation exercise infuriates Kim Jong-un because he is so fearful of assassination. As it is, Kim has reportedly tightened his security out of fear that his poverty-stricken, starving population might rise up and attack him.

The analysts told The Daily Beast that Kim Jong-un is afraid of getting killed in a drone strike like the one that took out al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri in Kabul in early August.

To avoid meeting his end in such an ignominious way, Kim has taken steps to make it harder to track him, including trying to elude surveillance satellites by traveling by underground facilities, early morning travel, or decoy motorcades.

So it certainly is plausible that one of the steps Kim has taken is constructing a bunch of houses in his forbidden city to make it harder to know where he’s hiding.

In addition to the Ch’angkwangsan Compound in the heart of Pyongyang, Kim Jong-un has around thirteen additional compounds throughout North Korea that also feature multiple residences and guest houses for him and members of his family.