Kim Jong Un Orders Top Official To Review Nuclear Sites

( Kim Jong Un recently instructed the Ministry of Atomic Energy Industry to inspect two or three potential nuclear power plant sites and submit action plans.

Now Kim wants nuclear power facilities to alleviate North Korea’s chronic energy constraint.

Kim authorized a working-level plan to focus state resources on the nuclear energy industry on April 24. North Korea’s goal in nuclear energy is to increase electricity output for its five-year plan, which began in 2021 and is slated to expire in 2025.

Using the scientific basis indigenously built over the previous ten years, based on North Korea’s autonomy and inalienable right to make peaceful use of the atom, the party advocated for constructing a nuclear power station.

An unnamed source says Kim’s approved plan calls for discussing working-level strategies to boost energy production by making the atomic energy sector more Juche-based. It has asked specialists to examine two or three potential nuclear power plant sites and report by early October.

Kim’s call for feasibility studies on potential nuclear power plant sites exposes North Korea’s aim to build more nuclear power plants gradually.

According to the Ministry of Atomic Energy Industry, the order reflects the party’s decision to significantly expand the nuclear power industry since the “Arduous March” to build nuclear weapons and increase the production of electricity “desperately needed for people’s lives.”

Amid chronic electricity shortages, North Korea’s leadership proposed increasing energy production at the Eighth Party Congress in January 2017. However, the country’s electricity generation has slowed due to outdated equipment.
According to the source, North Korea has responded to the decline in electricity production by directing the domestic building of reactors to increase the share of power generated by nuclear energy.

North Korea has issued a directive inviting nuclear professionals, scientists, and technicians to join the Ministry of Atomic Energy Industry’s energy expansion plan. The regulation also requires experts to participate in site visits and technical studies on the new plant’s light-water reactors.

It aims to build around seven or eight nuclear power plants to defeat “enemy” sanctions and plans to “crush” North Korea. In addition to allowing people to live “civilized” lifestyles with electricity 24 hours a day, he said the party underlines the importance of the electricity expansion plan for future generations.