Kim Jong Un Reaches Devastating Agreement With China

( Following a horrible year for North Korea, plagued with poverty, mass starvation, border closures and a health crisis sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic, communist Chinese dictator President Xi Jinping has vowed to strengthen his nation’s relationship with the country.

It’s horrible news for the West. During the Trump administration, historic progress was made in slowly getting North Korea to agree to denuclearization, but since the Biden administration began those talks have not restarted and now China looks to be hopping into bed with North Korea instead.

Over the weekend, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un sent a message to the Chinese president describing their two countries’ relationship as “vital” and slammed “hostile forces” around the world.

The news comes as President Xi re-affirmed a 20-year friendship treaty with Russian President Vladimir Putin and even agreed to an ambitious new China-Russia nuclear power plant deal.

It looks like central Asia is teaming up to take on the West. And given the damage China has already done with COVID, we could be up against something serious here.

North Korea’s KCNA news agency said that Kim praised the “comradely trust” and “militant friendship” between China and the “Democratic” People’s Republic of North Korea.

President Xi also reportedly committed to strengthening communication between the two countries by “leading the relations of friendship and cooperation” to a “new stage.”

The messages were exchanged on the 60th anniversary of a friendship treaty between China and North Korea that was first established in 1961. The deal ensures peaceful cooperation between the two countries, including an agreement to share technology and defense equipment.

Given that North Korea can barely feed its own citizens, it sounds like China isn’t exactly the biggest beneficiary in that deal…

As the only major ally to North Korea, China is very much Kim Jong Un’s lifeline – and for as long as North Korea is on China’s side, it seems unlikely that President Joe Biden can make any progress in getting Kim to back down on his plans to create a nuclear weapon.