Kim Jong Un To Be STRIPPED Of Power If This Happens

If Nuclear Weapons Are Used, Kim Jong Un Will Be Destroyed

( – According to US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, any nuclear assault by North Korea on the US or its allies would mean the end of the Kim government.

The administration of Kim Jong-un in Pyongyang has recently conducted a series of missile tests. According to the South Korean military, an examination of an intercontinental ballistic missile conducted on Thursday may have failed. The launch was described as “outrageous and completely unpleasant” in Japan.

In a joint statement issued by the US Department of Defense, Austin is quoted as saying that any nuclear attack against the United States or its allies and partners, including the use of non-strategic nuclear weapons, is unacceptable and will result at the end of the Kim regime.” Austin was speaking during a meeting with South Korea’s defense minister, Lee Jong-sup.

The US National Defense Strategy, which was unveiled last week, contained similar language.

The following is an excerpt from the document-

“Our policy for North Korea understands the threat presented by its nuclear, chemical, missile and conventional capabilities, and in particular the need to make clear to the Kim government the catastrophic implications should it deploy nuclear weapons… The Kim government cannot possibly use nuclear weapons and remain in power.”

The first African American secretary of defense, Austin, a retired US army general, talked to the media at the Pentagon.

Austin said that he and Minister Lee had a great conversation. They discussed how North Korea has continued to engage in provocations and destabilizing behavior and how the U.S./South Korean relationship is unbreakable despite the current state of heightened tension. The United States is still completely committed to South Korea’s defense.
“We firmly commit to using all of our nuclear, conventional, and missile defense capabilities as part of our extended deterrent strategy,” said Austin.

He declared that the two nations intended to resume significant military drills on the peninsula.

Austin declared at the Pentagon that the United States was “committed to advancing the Biden administration’s efforts to deepen integrated deterrence and to ensure that this alliance continues to support security and stability on the Korean peninsula and throughout the Indo-Pacific.”

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