LA Council Official Says People Who Don’t Wear Masks Are Guilty of “RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT”

( Presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has already admitted he would use the power of the government to force all Americans to wear masks, but it looks like Democrats are already trying to exert power over American citizens before they even have a chance to go and vote for (or against) them in November. A city council official in Los Angeles recently claimed that anybody who doesn’t wear a mask in public is committing “reckless endangerment” and that law enforcement measures may be used to penalize those who don’t wear a mask.

During Friday’s council meeting, Councilman Paul Koretz attacked those who choose not to wear a mask while outdoors.

“I truly can’t fathom the people who are politicizing mask wearing,” he said. “Literally for some people, a choice that will mean life and death.”

The councilman refused to acknowledge the fact that Americans are happy to take measures to protect others based of their own volition, and the issue taken with mandatory mask measures is that it’s not the role of the American government to tell Americans to cover their faces.

“It seems like we should start to consider it reckless endangerment of others not to wear a mask,” the councilman reportedly said.

According to Deadline, the council then directed all staff to “report back on ways of encouraging – possibly through citations or other enforcement – adherence to requirements that wear masks to prevent spread of the coronavirus.”

In short, Los Angeles officials may charge you with a crime, issue you a ticket or arrest you if you don’t wear a mask in coming weeks or months. That is, if members of the city council get their way.

It comes after Democrat Governor of California Gavin Newsom signed a new order earlier in June to mandate the wearing of face masks in public.

The new order requires people to ensure that they are covering their mouth and nose in public, particularly indoors or where social distancing isn’t possible.