LA Mayor Lifts Curfew After Black Lives Matter Sues, Claims Protests Are Peaceful

( Anyone watching the news, or living in Los Angeles, knows that the protests across the city are far from peaceful. Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists have spent days smashing up shops, looting, and even violently attacking innocent people. Despite this, Democratic Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti announced that he would be ending the city’s curfew that was put into place on May 30, and claimed that the protests have been mostly peaceful.

According to Yahoo News, Garcetti claimed that “Angelinos are rallying around powerful and peaceful demonstrations against racial injustice.”

Somehow, Mayor Garcetti appears to have missed the incidences of rioters stealing ATMs, setting fire to police vehicles, and physically attacking innocent bystanders.

Garcetti appears to have been influenced by more than just the fear of a backlash from his voters, though. The curfew was lifted after a lawsuit was filed against the city by the far-left American Civil Liberties Union as well as the official Black Lives Matter group.

The lawsuit alleges that “Upon information and belief, between May 29 and June 3, 2020, approximately 30,000 people participated in protest demonstrations, almost all of which were entirely peaceful, throughout Los Angeles County.”

The assertion is wrong, but the lawsuit attempts to bypass this by acknowledging the presence of “third parties who were not part of Black Lives Matter” who engaged in looting and rioting.

Not part of Black Lives Matter? Says who?

The lawsuit even, incredibly, claims that violence and looting happened in just a few places, before listing, “Downtown and Fairfax, Hollywood, Long Beach, Santa Monica, and Van Nuys areas of Los Angeles County.”

That’s more than just a few.

Black Lives Matter and the ACLU even claim that the rioters did not cause “physical harm to anyone attending a protest, and not a single person has died in the course of any conflict arising from a protest.”

They get around this, again, by saying it wasn’t technically Black Lives Matter.