LARA TRUMP 2022: President’s Daughter-In-Law Considering North Carolina Senate Run

( Lara Trump, the wife of Eric Trump and daughter-in-law of President Donald Trump, is reportedly considering a run for Senate in 2022. Trump, who is also an adviser to the president and his campaign team, is said to be eying up the North Carolina seat currently held by retiring Senator Richard Burr.

The reports first came from the New York Times, who do at least get some things right some times and cites three “allies” of Trump. The 38-year-old has reportedly told her associates that she is considering running.

Politico also said that “two people familiar with her plans” said that they believe she will go for the seat.

Lara Trump, who is a professional pastry chef who became involved in politics through her husband, lives in New York but originally comes from North Carolina. Not only did she live there, but she also studied at North Carolina State University.

Trump’s presence in politics grew throughout President Donald Trump’s first term, with the North Carolina native becoming a face of the campaign and hosting several online shows for the campaign. Lara Trump has remained in the media spotlight, along with girlfriend Donald Trump Jr, Kimberly Guilfoyle, since the campaign ended.

Kellyanne Conway, President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign manager and long-time confidante of the president, said that Lara Trump would be “formidable” if she ran.

“She has the trifecta: she can raise money, raise awareness of key issues and raise attention to her race,” she said.

“Unlike many typical politicians, she connects with people and is a compelling messenger,” she added.

Speaking in North Carolina in October, Lara Trump told a huge audience in Brunswick County about how she believes the Democrats are letting down single mothers.

“You look at things like for single mothers doubling the child tax credit, that was a huge thing for single moms out there,” she said. “It’s been a little shocking actually to see on the other side how they really haven’t felt like they needed to get out and campaign, but we have taken it very seriously and North Carolina is a must-win state for us. It’s my home state, we were really proud of the win here in 2016.”

Could that speech have been a starting pistol for her own race?