Lara Trump Says People Are Privately Telling Her They “Can’t Sleep” Over FBI Raid

( Lara Trump told Fox News host Martha MacCallum that numerous people have contacted her since the FBI’s raid on the former president saying that they “can’t sleep,” according to a report from Mediaite.

Lara joined Fox News as they aired Merrick Garland’s press conference regarding the raid. The attorney general said that he approved the raid and it was then authorized by a federal magistrate. He also claimed that no one was above the law and FBI and Department of Justice are fair and balanced agencies.

When MacCallum asked Lara what her reaction was to Garland’s conference, Lara said that she was “shocked” that it took “three days for him to give us no information.”

“A lot of Americans were looking for something, anything that they could look to from the attorney general that would reassure them that this was not a political attack, that they don’t have to be worried they were overly aggressive,” she said, adding that it was shocking if they thought they were going to search Trump’s home in a quiet manner.

She also mentioned that the FBI contained some “great individuals” that she personally knows, but the American public is losing trust in the agency that “fabricated documents to get a FISA warrant to kickoff the Russia collusion hoax.”

Fox News host Jesse Waters reiterated the same sentiment when he said that we do not know whether the warrant was corrupt and said that the FBI “cooked up a fake warrant last time when they spied on the Trump campaign.”

The raid came after whistleblowers allegedly told Republican Senator Chuck Grassley that the FBI is trying to downplay information that might hurt Hunter Biden. FBI Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland received a letter from Grassley over reporting on Hunter Biden that was closed by a senior FBI official just a month before the 2020 election.

More than 150 financial transactions involving foreign dealings with Hunter and James Biden have been flagged as suspicious by U.S. banks for further review, according to CBS. The treasury secretary has also refused to respond to Rep. James Comer asking her to provide more information about the matter.