Laura Ingraham Says Biden Agenda’s Message Is “Do What You’re Told”

( Popular Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham had some harsh words for the Biden administration on Tuesday, telling viewers on her “The Ingraham Angle” show that the message coming from the White House is “do as you’re told.”

That’s certainly how it feels…

Her comments came on the same day that President Joe Biden gave a speech in Georgia in which he endorsed the idea of removing the Senate filibuster – a process that allows for legislation to be effectively blocked through filibustering if it doesn’t have the support of 60 Senators. Biden opposed the democratic method, which ensures that parties reach across the aisle to pass legislation with a large majority, knowing that it would make life easier for Democrats looking to pass extreme new legislation.

One such bill that Biden hopes to pass through ending the filibuster is the so-called “voting rights” bill, which would federalize elections, make it easier for illegal aliens to vote, and remove voter ID requirements.

It was also the same day that the Department of Justice announced that a new domestic terrorism unit had been formed to focus on right-wing extremists. They will presumably be conveniently ignoring the terrorism committed by Antifa and BLM in 2020…

The rule of thumb is this: The only people allowed to question election outcomes are Democrats,” Ingraham explained. “All others are suspected domestic terrorists. So do as you’re told.”

Has any other president ever done this? Label their opponents domestic terrorists in hope of shutting down conversation and making it too terrifying for anybody to publicly oppose the policies of the president and ruling party?