Lauren Boebert Won’t Explain Why She Missed Key Vote

( — Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert won’t say why she missed the House vote on the debt ceiling bill. The Colorado Rep. was vilified online for failing to show up, despite initially saying she would vote against the agreement. Her Democratic opponent in Colorado asked, “How can you represent #CO03 when you don’t even show up? What was more important than voting?”

In a statement from her office, Boebert did not explicitly state why she wasn’t present, but she argued that there had been no real debate and she was unable to put forward any amendments. She added that the negotiations were a missed opportunity to cut federal spending.

“I advocated against it publicly, and I will continue to call out the Swamp for selling out our conservative principles and mortgaging the American dream,” Boebert said.

Members of both parties dissented from the agreement, with Democrats furious that new conditions were placed on food stamp eligibility, while Republicans said these didn’t go far enough. To qualify for help under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, able-bodied Americans under the age of 49 were subject to specified work requirements. Under the new deal, that age was raised to 54.

The agreement was reached just in time to avoid a catastrophic US default and suspends the debt ceiling until 2025. This means there will be no limit on the amount the government can borrow, and it will not be an issue in the 2024 Presidential election.

There is a new cap on non-defense spending – it will remain flat through 2024 and rise by 1% in 2025. Funds set aside during the pandemic will be recalled, adding around $28 billion to government coffers. The deal also speeds up waiting times for energy production projects, whether fossil fuel or renewable energy based.

President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy praised the deal and described it as a “win.” The President urged both Congressional houses to pass it and said it had been an exercise in compromise and leadership.

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