Lawmaker Inspired by Practical Joke Presents Very Real Food Safety Measure

( — A Republican state representative in Idaho last Thursday introduced a bill to expand the state’s ban on cannibalism in response to the rise in human composting, the Idaho Statesman reported.

Rep. Heather Scott told a legislative committee that she was worried that people might be eating humans and warned that cannibalism would be “normalized at some point” given the direction society was moving.

Currently, Idaho is the only state that outlaws cannibalism, while some states have laws against desecrating or abusing a corpse.

Under Rep. Scott’s proposed legislation, Idaho’s ban would be expanded to include giving someone “the flesh and blood” of another human without the person’s consent or knowledge.

Scott explained that she was “disturbed” by the growing trend of human composting, which has been legalized in several states as an alternative to cremation or burial. She said legislation to outlaw human composting would require revising rules for morticians, so instead, she chose to focus on expanding the cannibalism ban to include giving another individual human flesh.

Scott said she was prompted to introduce the legislation while traveling over the summer after seeing a clip from a TV show in which a chef fed sausages made of human flesh to contestants.

As it turned out, the clip in question, which Rep. Scott sent to the Statesman, was from a prank show called TruTV in which the participants pretended to feed people human flesh.

While Scott conceded that the clip was likely a prank, she told the Statesman that the contestants weren’t told that it was human flesh until after they ate it.

As more proof that her legislation was needed, Scott sent the Statesman a link to a video in which a Chinese official denied that Beijing had sold human flesh to Zambia. The claim was a hoax that was debunked in 2016.

Scott also cited a recent case in which an Idaho man who pleaded guilty to murder was also charged with cannibalism after postmortem mutilation was found on the victim. However, the cannibalism charge was dropped.

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