Lawmaker Is On A Mission To Uncover UFOs

( — One Republican lawmaker is on a quest to uncover the truth about UFOs and believes that the government has been engaging in a cover-up since the crash that happened in 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico.

In an interview with Newsweek in March, Republican Congressman Tim Burchett, who is on the House committee investigating UFOs, said he believes that the government recovered the alien craft and could also have alien “beings.”

The Tennessee lawmaker told Newsweek that it is possible that the recovered technology from an alien craft could be “reverse-engineered right now.”

In another March interview on Newsmax, Burchett said the government has recovered several UFOs over the years but is reluctant to share the information with the public. He added that the Navy and Air Force pilots that he has spoken to have seen the crafts but are not permitted to testify before Congress.

This week, in an interview on NewsNation, Burchett claimed that the government has been covering up UFOs since the 1940s. The lawmaker said he doesn’t trust the government and suggested it was arrogant of the government to think that the American people can’t handle the truth.

Over the weekend, Burchett told the Daily Wire that he wants to talk to the people who can “provide some proof” about UFO sightings and what the government has so Congress can “disclose” “some new facts.” He vowed to reveal to the American people that there has been a “cover-up” and the government has not been “forthcoming” in revealing the truth.

Earlier this month, The Debrief reported that former intel official David Charles Grusch gave both Congress and the Inspector General for the Intel Community classified information about covert programs related to recovered alien crafts that were both partially and fully intact.

Grusch alleges that the information is being withheld from Congress and claims that he faced illegal retaliation for his disclosures.

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