Lawmaker Says Putin May Not Stay In Power Long

( With Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine faltering, some are now suggesting that it will be difficult for him to remain in power once the conflict comes to an end.

One of the latest American legislators to express doubt in Putin’s ability to maintain control over his country is Rep. Rob Wittman, who told Newsmax on Tuesday that the “underpinnings of Russia” are “crumbling around” the Russian president.

“You see world pressure beginning to have an effect. You see people within Russia saying this is absolutely unacceptable,” he said.

Wittman noted how Putin’s language and attitude towards the war are changing, too. Instead of telling the world that he plans to take control of Ukraine, Putin is now saying that he wants just a certain portion of the country to be recognized as independent.

“We see that he wants that land bridge that connection to Crimea,” he said, claiming that his demands are slowly starting to change now that his military has been unable to take control of Kiev.

“You see his appearance changing. You see, overall, I think a weakening of his resolve, and what has been an effort in this war against Ukraine crumbling around him,” he said.

On Putin’s appearance, Wittman appeared to be referencing reports that the Russian president’s face has started to look “fuller.” Others have reported that the Russian leader may also be suffering from Parkinson’s disease or cancer. None of these reports have been confirmed, however.

Wittman also claimed that the Russian people are not quite as firmly behind Putin in this war ash e thought they might be – and with the economic impact of Western sanctions on Russia now hitting millions of Russians, it may just be a matter of time before people get tired of Putin’s expansionist goals and want somebody more moderate to replace him.

What do you think – will the Russian people be brave enough to vote Putin out?

Can they vote him out?