Lawmakers Banned From State House For Not Wearing Mask

( Five state lawmakers from Massachusetts have been banned from working inside of the state House building because they refuse to comply with authoritarian rules surrounding the COVID-19. Specifically, they refused to provide proof that they have taken the controversial COVID vaccine.

Democratic State Speaker of the House Ronald Mariano told the press that he couldn’t reveal which five lawmakers will now be forced to stay at home for “confidentiality concerns” but did confirm that the reports are true.

The state representatives did not apply for any exemptions before the November 1 deadline. Recently, there were seven state representatives banned from working in the state House building.

149 out of 159 state House representatives have complied with the unpopular COVID-19 rules. Five have applied for religious or medical exemptions from taking the vaccine, or are expected to take their second shot soon.

98% of employees in the state House building have complied with the mandates. 18 have requested an exemption or are due to take a second dose of the shot.

Every single one of the 40 state senators has reportedly taken the vaccine or is otherwise in compliance with the rules, which were adopted in August.

The restrictive rules were put in place as part of their four-phase reopening plan. Even as we come to the end of 2021, the state House building has not yet fully opened to all members of staff, lobbyists, and members of the public – and if people don’t comply with their demands, they may delay the full reopening date.

And that date still hasn’t been confirmed.