Lawmakers Descend ON Arizona

( As the election audit of Maricopa County enters its final days of counting, the number of state delegations of lawmakers traveling to Phoenix to inspect the audit has grown.

Initially, three Pennsylvania lawmakers took the trip in the beginning of June. But now lawmakers from several other states have made the trip as well.

In addition to the delegation from Pennsylvania, lawmakers from Georgia, Colorado and Alaska were given tours of the audit site at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum. Additionally Nevada Republican Party chair Michael McDonald visited as well.

Republican lawmaker Amanda Chase of Virginia is slated to visit on June 17.

Visitors have been shown the hand-counting process as well as the evaluation process used to determine any abnormalities in mail-in ballots.

Many of those touring the audit said their goal is to take what they learned back to their states in the event a similar audit is ordered there.

The Maricopa County audit is being coordinated by Republicans in the Arizona Senate and headed up by Senate President Karen Fann. Democrats, however, refuse to participate in the audit – claiming no further recount was needed since an earlier county-run hand count of 5,000 of the 2.1 million ballots cast showed no discrepancies.

Nevada GOP chair McDonald, believes there is a possible path to audit the 2020 Nevada votes without going through the Democrat-controlled legislature. However, he will not explain what that path might be.

After the 2020 election, the Nevada GOP submitted over one hundred and twenty records supporting fraud allegations. A subsequent probe by Republican Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske found nothing to support the claim that the Nevada results were “plagued by widespread voter fraud.”

However, after a review of Cegavske’s letter announcing the lack of evidence, it was revealed that she and her office never investigated many of the allegations at all, or only used statistical analysis to dismiss the claims rather than reviewing each allegation made.

Georgia Republican Senator Brandon Beach, who took the tour of the audit with his Republican colleague Burt Jones, told Real America’s Voice that he wants a similar independent audit of Georgia’s election results, however doesn’t believe there is enough support for one within the State Senate.