Lawmakers Issue Conflicting Accounts Of Archer Testimony

( — Last Friday, the House Oversight Committee released a transcript of Devon Archer’s closed-door testimony, CBS News reported.

Archer, a former business partner of President Biden’s son Hunter, testified in a closed-door hearing last Monday before Oversight counsel and some members.

In discussing Hunter’s placement on the board of Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings, Archer revealed that Hunter was selling the Biden “brand,” and Joe Biden was the one who “brought the most value to the brand.” He said he believed that without the Biden brand attached to it, “Burisma would have gone out of business.”

When Arizona Republican Andy Biggs asked Archer if the Biden “brand” was about any other Biden family member or if he meant Joe Biden in particular, Archer said it was “fair to say” the brand was Joe Biden.

Committee Republicans also asked Archer about two dinners with Hunter’s foreign business associates at a Washington, DC, restaurant in 2014 and 2015, in which then-Vice President Biden was in attendance. Archer said he recalled Biden being at the 2014 dinner, which was also attended by a Burisma executive and Russian billionaire Yelena Baturina.

Archer also revealed that Hunter was wired $142,300 in April 2014 that the younger Biden used to purchase an expensive sports car.

According to the transcript, Archer revealed that Joe Biden was placed on speaker phone during phone meetings with business contacts and potential business associates on about 20 occasions while he and Hunter were business partners. He explained that putting Joe Biden on the call was part of the effort to sell the Biden “brand.”

When asked what was discussed when the elder Biden was on speaker phone, Archer said it was “casual conversations” like “How’s the weather?” or “How’s the fishing?” or “whatever.”

At the same time, Archer said there was more involved in those calls than just casual conversation, explaining that it was also a “powerful” signal.

Read the entire 141-page transcript HERE.

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