Leftist “Drag Queen” Charged With Possession Of Illegal Child Photos

(PatriotWise.com)- Several legal authorities have previously filed criminal proceedings against drag queen personas who often enjoy the free reign of public libraries and schools to read “children’s books” laced with sexual deviancy.

A case has now surfaced involving “one of Pennsylvania’s popular drag queens.”

Brice Williams, who goes by the stage name Anastasia Diamond, has been charged by the state attorney general’s office with downloading a number of illegal images of naked and sexualized children.

Williams, according to reports, is a community leader for LGBTQ+ youngsters in the Harrisburg region.

Police claimed he had 25 movies and at least 49 images of “naked, prepubescent males.”

There were mages of the kids engaging in various graphic sexual activities, according to a court document of probable cause.

According to reports, Williams received the LGBT Center of Central Pennsylvania’s 2020 Rising Star Award.

Williams has received praise in Pennsylvania for what amounts to oversexualizing kids in both public and private settings. He has played a significant role in the state’s efforts to promote transgender rights and alternative lifestyles.

According to reports, Williams was let off from his job at a juvenile program managed by Penn Medicine.

The company issued a statement stressing that UPMC’s immediate concern is the health and well-being of their participants who utilize the services provided at GLO. “Upon notification of the circumstances surrounding the case, the individual was terminated,” it read.

According to newspaper accounts, Williams is most likely the sixth male in recent years to be arrested for sex offenses against children “who is either a drag queen or a supporter of drag queens.”

Brette Blomme is on that list. According to the article, he is “well recognized for his work as president and CEO of Cream City Foundation, a monetary supporter of the Milwaukee chapter of Drag Queen Story Hour.”

Albert Garza, who reads “Drag Queen Storytime” to kids at the Houston Public Library, was also included on the list.

There is no reason for these individuals to be in close contact with children. It makes as much sense as having a “whorehouse workshop” for 1st graders.