Leftists Say People Should Save Their Pee To “Humiliate” Putin

(PatriotWise.com)- The Guardian, a tabloid with a left-wing political ideology, is pushing its readers to “humiliate Putin” by saving their pee in the hopes that it would aid in the battle against climate change.

The author of the essay, Tom Pappert, urged readers to hold their urine to help make up for the impact of sanctions imposed on Russia, which have produced fertilizer shortages.

According to NBC, Russia and Ukraine are responsible for exporting 28 percent of the world’s fertilizers derived from nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. According to Tom Pappert, pee is abundant in all three chemicals that might create fertilizer.

Because of the sanctions that the West has imposed on Russia, and to a lesser extent, the situation in Ukraine itself, Russia is no longer exporting its urea to the West. The West utilized the urine to manufacture fertilizers for crops. This practice has been discontinued.

According to The Guardian, the solution is for individuals to start “peecycling” and give their urine to farmers. Peecycling refers to the practice of using urine for agricultural purposes.

The author says it would be a dream come true if he could use his urine to embarrass Putin. He also noted that when wastewater systems are flushed with these same nutrients, they become toxins responsible for forming algal blooms that are harmful to the environment.

The wacko wrote that by preserving his pee, he might “protect the environment, stop Russian aggression, and manufacture urine-rich bread.”

According to Pappert’s research, the North Korean government’s initiative to have its residents utilize the waste from their bathroom trips to fertilize fields did not work out very well.
“While the idea of using bodily excrement or excretions to fertilize crops may seem foreign to people in the West, it has been reported that the isolationist nation of North Korea has urged its citizens to urinate and defecate on crops for fertilization multiple times to prevent food shortages.”

“In 2017, it was claimed that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un may have inadvertently started a parasitic worm epidemic by forcing farmers to use human feces on their crops. The use of human feces on crops has been linked to an increase in the number of parasitic worms.”

Leftism is a disease. And it causes them.