Liberal Wants To Implement “No Sales To Trump Supporters” Rule

( — Democrats and Leftists were outraged last week after the Supreme Court sided with 303 Creative, the Colorado-based website builder that refused to make wedding announcement websites for gay couples.

In a 6-3 ruling, the Supreme Court held that Colorado’s anti-discrimination law violated owner Lori Smith’s First Amendment rights and amounted to state-compelled speech.

Naturally, Democrat politicians, the media, and outraged Leftists all misrepresented the decision, claiming that the Supreme Court was “rolling back” LGBT rights by permitting businesses to discriminate.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, the Biden administration’s go-to surrogate on LGBT issues, accused the Supreme Court of paving the way for more discrimination, the Washington Examiner reported.

While appearing on “Face the Nation” on Sunday, Buttigieg said there was no evidence that Lori Smith was ever approached by a gay couple that wanted her to create a website for their wedding, which he claimed was “really revealing.”

Buttigieg argued that cases are being “designed to get people spun up” as a way to “chip away at rights.”

In responding to Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s suggestion that the case would protect a Muslim website designer to refuse to create a website that included an image of the prophet Muhammad or a Jewish website designer to refuse to create an anti-Semitic website, Buttigieg falsely claimed that Cruz’s comparisons are not “relevant to this case.”

In reality, however, it is completely relevant. The state cannot force a creator to create something he fundamentally objects to. To do so amounts to state-compelled speech, which violates the First Amendment.

The state of Colorado stipulated that it would have forced Smith to create a website that she objected to on religious grounds. The Supreme Court decision had nothing to do with LGBT rights, and everything to do with the right to free speech and free expression.

But because so many on the Left thought that the case allowed businesses to discriminate, one leftist business owner posted signs on the front window announcing that the company would not sell to Trump supporters and would only sell to “churches that fly a pride flag.”

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