Liberals Reuse Vandalized Statue Of History As “Art”

( An artifact of history, destroyed by Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters during the Summer of Love or 2020, has been given to the far-left Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia to be displayed as a trophy against the war on White America after it was donated by the state’s Democrat officials, according to National File.

The statue is of Jefferson Davis, the president of the confederacy during the Civil War. It once erected over Richmond, Virginia’s Monument Avenue since 1907, before being destroyed with pink paint with the head of the confederate smeared with black paint and the top of the head smashed in. Rioters laid tissue paper on him to resemble a noose.

The statue is now reportedly on loan to The Valentine, another left-wing Richmond art museum. The director says that the statue is displayed in its “2020 form” to help “create a safe space.” Ironically, the Valentine was named after Edward Virginius Valentine—”a native Virginian and Southern patriot who sculpted the very statue of Davis that now lies in the museum destroyed.”

As National File reports, this represents a reality very different from the one that the South was promised in exchange for “turning their backs on their history.” Efforts to restore confederate statues to display them in museums and battlefields have evidently been rejected by the Democratic Party who capitulates to the far-left faction of their party.

The ideology that is prompting this movement of tearing down statues does not simply stop with confederate statues; it is a movement that seeks to tear down all national monuments. For the last two preceding years, it has not been solely confederate statues that have been toppled from their resting place or desecrated, but Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson.

The ideology that justifies these action makes a claim that America is an irredeemably racist country, where institutional racism blankets our national consciousness, or unconsciousness, and the only way to correct any of it is to burn it all down.

This is an ideology that justifies armed black supremacists marching through Tulsa, Oklahoma shouting that there will come a time when “black Americans will kill everything white in sight,” adding fuel to America’s already crumbling racial relations.