Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson Says Jan 6 Select Committee Is ‘Dead’

( Lincoln Project NeverTrumper Rick Wilson had a bit of a public meltdown on Twitter last Friday – going on a whiny Twitter thread sadly complaining that the January 6 Select Committee is “dead already” and “Trump wins.”

Wilson broke the “bad news” to his bitter Resistance followers that the Select Committee would not enforce the subpoenas it has issued as part of its “investigation.”

Calling it a “gutless exercise,” Wilson griped that the committee is “staffed wrong, led wrong,” and they aren’t “taking the risk seriously.”

What “risk?”

The riot from nine months ago lasted less than four hours and there hasn’t been another riot since. There is no risk.

Wilson then claimed that he was told that the committee’s plan is to “bring in academics” to review the “information” from January 6, complaining that it should be a “counterterrorism” investigation.

Good grief. What a drama queen.

He mocked the committee for being “afraid of the 1A implications,” countering “How about being afraid of a mob coming to f***ing kill you?”

Wilson accused the committee of being locked in a bubble for not realizing that “Bannon’s terrorists” will “burn you to the ground and piss on your ashes.” Then, without an ounce of evidence, Wilson claimed that January 6 was a “training exercise” for a future coup.

What an absolute lunatic. It’s a wonder Rick Wilson attacks QAnon given his love of conspiracy theories.

But the funniest part of this Twitter meltdown is the January 6 Select Committee felt the need to defend itself against Wilson’s psychotic screed.

Even the odious Liz Cheney felt it necessary to dispute Wilson’s histrionic thread.

Which tells you everything you need to know about this January 6 Select Committee.

It isn’t operating in real life. It’s a social media-geared Democrat campaign operation – designed to keep the so-called “Insurrection” trending on Twitter.

The purpose of this Select Committee has always been about advancing a political narrative, nothing more.

And to save the narrative, these fools are getting in a slap-fight with a NeverTrump Twitter troll.

It’s actually kind of funny.