Lindsey Graham SCHOOLS Reporter, Biden Is NOT “President-Elect” Until Court Cases Settled

( Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, schooled reporters on Tuesday over inaccurate claims that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is the “president-elect.” Lindsey, who recently held his Senate seat despite a multi-million dollar campaign by the Democrats to remove him from office, reminded journalists that there is no president-elect until a candidate concedes or until the court cases filed by President Donald Trump are concluded.

Lindsay Wise of the Wall Street Journal published details of a question and answer session with the South Carolina legislator, in which he reportedly said the Trump campaign team now needs to provide evidence of widespread voter fraud.

“Bottom line is, you’re attacking the voting machines, you have to prove that, you can’t just say that,” Graham reportedly said. “You know, there may be proof, I don’t know. But it’s kind of time now to show it in ta court of law.”

As the interview took place, President Donald Trump’s campaign team was busy filing lawsuits in battleground states to delay the certification of election results to allow for court cases to proceed.

“We are at the point now where recounts are going on and it’s not time to put it up,” Graham added.

The South Carolina senator also said that if there is no concession, then there is a contest.

“If there is a contest in the court & the party loses, that’s the end of the contest,” he added. “There is no way to overturn an election other than a court of law.”

When Wise asked Graham whether he considers Biden to be the president-elect, he responded, “When Trump concedes or the court cases have been dismissed and the states certified.”

Sidney Powell, a highly-regarded Texas attorney who is representing President Donald Trump, said in recent days that she was receiving so much evidence about voter fraud facilitated by Dominion voting machines that it felt like it was “coming in through a fire hose.”

The president’s legal counsel are under heavy scrutiny and in the coming days will be expected to begin presenting evidence to back up their extraordinary claims.

In the meantime, until the courts say so, or until President Trump concedes and gives up the court cases, there is no president-elect. And it’s still entirely possible that the courts will rule in the president’s favor and Biden will never be president.