Look Who’s QUIETLY Funding Right-Wing Candidates!

Big Oil Throws Money Behind Republicans In Shocking Act

(PatriotWise.com) – According to a new analysis, corporations with significant ties to U.S. environmental and sustainability goals have given millions of dollars to Republicans who have questioned the results of the 2020 election.

Based on information released this week by ProPublica, The Hill calculated that since Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol attack, energy, and chemical producers, including ExxonMobil, Marathon Petroleum, and energy infrastructure company Williams, have contributed more than $2 million to GOP candidates who have accused elections of being stolen.

Transportation and product delivery businesses, which have significant, if more indirect, effects on American sustainability goals, contributed an additional $1.2 million. The United Parcel Service (UPS), FedEx, and General Motors were the top contributors in this area (GM).

According to ProPublica, these contributions are a part of a bigger pot of over $13 million that Fortune 500 firms have given to election-denying candidates overall since the Capitol attack.

The research was made public the day before President Biden gave a speech on Capitol Hill in which he charged Republicans with endangering “democracy itself” by engaging in voter intimidation, political violence, and electoral fraud activities.

The recent attack on Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), in what appeared to be an abduction attempt by a suspect steeped in conspiracy theories, was tied by Biden to election denial in his speech.

“In America, we don’t settle disputes with riots, mobs, guns, or hammers. About Pelosi’s criticism, Biden stated on Wednesday, “We resolve things peacefully at the polls.”

Several prominent American corporations, including UPS, Valero Energy, GM, and tobacco giant Altria, issued comments pledging to stop funding candidates who had voted not to declare Biden’s 2020 victory after scores of former President Trump’s supporters broke into the Capitol last year.

However, several companies subtly changed their path within months of these agreements.

After 139 days, UPS allegedly started funding individuals who opposed certifying election results, including Reps. Dan Meuser (R-Pa.) and Sam Graves (R-Mo.). Over $385,000 has been given to it in donations.

Within 127 days, GM started giving to election objectors. The corporation, whose future depends on the success of its switch to electric vehicles, eventually offered $192,500 to politicians like Reps. Blaine Luetkemeyer (R-Mo.) and Bill Johnson (R-Ohio).

Additionally, 149 days after its initial commitment, the oil company Valero started giving to election skeptics, according to ProPublica. Rep. Garret Graves (R-La.) and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy received $215,000 from the corporation (R-Calif.).

Exxon recently told the Texas Tribune that its PAC is “non-partisan” and that the company had congratulated Biden on his victory in 2020. Many businesses have stated that their linked donations don’t go to one party alone.

The GOP has charged that the Biden administration and major financial institutions are to blame for the rise in gas prices, while Democrats have blamed them on the energy sector. ESG advocates argue that this ignores the significant financial risks posed by unchecked climate change.

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