Lowe’s Worker Fired For Trying To Stop Shoplifters

(PatriotWise.com) — The Lowe’s home improvement store in Georgia that fired an employee last month after she attempted to stop shoplifters from stealing over $2,100 worth of merchandise reinstated her on Monday, CNN reported.

Donna Hansbrough, 68, was fired from the Lowe’s store in Rincon, Georgia after she attempted to stop three shoplifters who left the store on June 25 pushing a loaded shopping cart full of items without paying for them.

When Hansbrough grabbed hold of the cart, one of the suspects, Takyah Berry, punched her in the face three times in the face giving her a black eye.

Berry and her two accomplices, her uncle Joseph Berry and another man identified by police as Jarmar Lawton, then took off with the stolen goods.

In response to Hansbrough’s actions, Lowe’s terminated her for violating the company’s policy against interfering with shoplifters, according to a July 20 statement from the Rincon Police Department.

But in a statement to CNN on Tuesday, Lowe’s acknowledged that the 13-year employee has been rehired.

According to the company’s statement, after Lowe’s senior management learned about the incident and spoke with Hansbrough on Monday, the company offered to reinstate her and Hansbrough accepted the offer.

The company said its first priority is the “safety of our customers and associates.” While products “can be replaced,” the company added, “people cannot.”

Lowe’s said that it is continuing to work with law enforcement to prosecute the perpetrators of the theft and “violent attack” against Hansbrough.

In a statement on Monday, the Rincon Police Department said two of the suspects are in custody while the third remains at large.

The Rincon police also expressed their delight that Hansbrough got her job back.

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