Maddow Producer Accidentally Copies Rep. Cawthorn’s Office on Email Expressing Concern He’d Want to Appear on Show

( On Monday, one of the producers of “The Rachel Maddow Show” accidentally cc’d North Carolina Congressman Madison Cawthorn’s office in an email fretting that Cawthorn might ask to appear on Maddow’s show if they asked him for comment about a recent story.

The story in question involves a dopey group of North Carolina leftists who are trying to keep Cawthorn off the November ballot because he addressed the “Stop the Steal” rally on January 6, 2021.

The group has this pie-in-the-sky fantasy that Cawthorn speaking at a perfectly legal and permitted rally makes him an “insurrectionist” and is therefore barred by the Constitution from running for office.

It’s an idea so ludicrous, it’s no wonder “The Rachel Maddow Show” is interested in it.

The senior producer for Maddow’s program emailed an NBC News colleague in Washington about the story, noting that the Maddow show is interested in it. The producer asked the colleague if any of the NBC “Hill folks” were planning to ask Cawthorn for comment on the story and, if not, would they ask Cawthorn on Maddow’s behalf.

The producer explained that the Maddow show had no relationship with Cawthorn’s office and, “between you and me” the Maddow show was worried that if they did reach out to Cawthorn he would ask to come on the show. While the producer figured it was “HIGHLY doubtful” Cawthorn would want to appear on Maddow’s show, the producer didn’t want to take the risk.

Maddow has routinely included Madison Cawthorn in her attacks on “MAGA Republicans.” So it’s rather telling that, when given the chance to speak to him directly, she and her team cower in fear.

It’s easy to play the tough guy when she isn’t face-to-face with her target.

Unlike Maddow who fears confrontation, Fox News host Tucker Carlson this week repeatedly asked that dope, Adam Kinzinger, to come on his show for an interview. If only Maddow had the same courage.

When Cawthorn heard of the email, he too noted how fearful MSNBC is to “take the risk” and invite him on Maddow’s show. According to Fox News, Cawthorn’s office said he would consider going on if Maddow or her producer invited him.

They probably won’t.