MAGA Crowd Cheers After Tucker Carlson Exposes Biden’s Latest Speech

( A clearly distraught President Biden addressed the country from the White House to deplore the carnage that had just taken place at Robb Elementary School. The news of the slaughter was still unfolding at the time.

Several calls to action were made in Biden’s address-

“As a nation, we have to ask: When in God’s name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby in God’s name?”

“When in God’s name will we do what we all know in our gut needs to be done?”

“I am sick and tired of it. We have to act. And don’t tell me we can’t have an impact on this carnage.”

The President said that he worked to enact reasonable gun legislation as a senator and vice president throughout his time. He said that we wouldn’t be able to prevent every catastrophe. However, we know they work and have a favorable impact.

Biden said that he had just come off his trip from Asia, meeting with Asian leaders, and he found out about the shooting while he was on the plane. And what struck him on that 17-hour journey was how unusual such mass shootings are elsewhere globally.

Carlson blasted Biden as “frail” and “confused” just after finishing his speech.

The President is wrong on his facts, as usual. The United States is 11th on the list of mass shootings by country.

1. Norway — 1.888
2. Serbia — 0.381
3. France — 0.347
4. Macedonia — 0.337
5. Albania — 0.206
6. Slovakia — 0.185
7. Switzerland — 0.142
8. Finland — 0.132
9. Belgium — 0.128
10. Czech Republic — 0.123
11. United States — 0.089
There are very few topics of conversation capable of eliciting an emotional response that is more fervent (or politically fraught) than the subject of mass shootings.

Although there is no doubt that mass shootings are horrifying, there is a broad range of opinions—particularly in the United States—concerning what leads to mass shootings and what can be done to prevent them.

Even though the United States accounts for around 4.6 percent of the world’s population, it is responsible for fewer than 1.43 percent of mass shooters and 2.11 percent of the victims of mass shootings.

Countries with death rates comparable to those caused by firearms are typically still developing nations engulfed in violent civil upheaval, revolution, or war.