Man Accused of Murdering Pregnant Wife

( — The Idaho man accused of murdering his pregnant wife and kidnapping their infant child, who was later found dead, has been ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation to determine if he is fit to stand trial, the Associated Press reported.

Jeremy Best, 48, is charged with two counts of first-degree murder for allegedly shooting and killing his wife, Kali Randall Best, last Thursday. Kali was around 6 months pregnant, and the second murder charge was for the death of her unborn child.

Best was arrested on Saturday after hunters reported seeing a man in a sleeping bag on the side of the road. The body of the couple’s 10-month-old child, Zeke, was found nearby.

As of yet, Best has not been charged with the death of Zeke, as investigators are waiting for the results of an autopsy to determine the child’s cause of death.

Best appeared in court via video link on Monday, appearing at times distraught, frequently pulling on his hair and covering his face. Through the short hearing, Best’s audio was muted. However, at one point, Best interrupted Magistrate Judge Jason Walker to ask what he was charged with.

When the charges were read, Best again covered his face and appeared to weep.

Prosecutor Bailey Smith requested that Best remain in jail without bail, describing the deaths as the most horrific crimes in Teton County in recent history.

Best has yet to enter a plea, as Magistrate Judge Walker ordered a mental evaluation to determine if Best is competent enough to assist in his defense.

Several hours before Kali Randall Best’s murder was discovered, Bonneville County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a disturbance at the Swan Valley General Store around noon and found Jeremy Best walking naked through the store. He was transported by ambulance to a regional hospital for a mental health evaluation and released.

A preliminary hearing was scheduled for December 18.

Prosecutors have not said if they plan to seek the death penalty in this case.

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