Man Dies, Leaving $3.8 Million to His Little Community

( — The 82-year-old caretaker of a Hinsdale, New Hampshire, trailer park who passed away in June left an unexpectedly large gift to the town after his death—nearly $4 million, CNN reported.

Geoffrey Holt, who had lived frugally in Hinsdale since 1968, had been living on social security for the last 15 years. But when he died on June 6, he left his entire investment fortune of $3.8 million to the town of Hinsdale.

In 2001, Holt established a trust fund of $3.8 million, primarily earned through mutual fund accounts. Upon his death, the fortune was left to the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation.

When Holt set up the trust fund more than 20 years ago, he arranged with the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation for the group to distribute the millions to his hometown of Hinsdale.

According to Hinsdale’s town administrator, Kathryn Lynch, organizations from the town, including the schools and other Hinsdale organizations, can apply for grants through the Charitable Foundation of up to $150,000 annually.

The town is considering its options on how to use the funds, including repairing the town clock and purchasing an electronic voting machine for elections in honor of Holt, who was an “avid voter,” Lynch said. She explained that currently, votes in Hinsdale are counted by hand.

Kristen Oliveri, a spokeswoman with the Charitable Foundation, told CNN that Holt’s generous gift could potentially “be transformational for a small community like Hinsdale.” She said the funds would go to support programs, projects, and groups that provide educational, cultural, recreational, or health benefits to the town’s approximately 4,000 residents.

“Smokey” Smith told CNN that Holt would be happy to know that his gift to the town is getting public attention, but at the same time, he probably wouldn’t like being in the “limelight” since Holt was not one to enjoy being “in the front of the crowd.”

“He liked to be in the back,” where he could do “his own thing,” Smith added.

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