Man Named Rick Perry Is Running For Governor Of Texas

( There’s a new Rick Perry in town, and he’s running as a Republican candidate for the next Texas gubernatorial race.

Rick Perry has thrown his hat in the ring to go head-to-head with Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott, and he’s bound to cause some confusion given that the longest-serving governor of the state was the other Rick Perry – whose full name is James Richard Perry.

James Richard Perry served between 2000 and 2015 and eventually became Energy Secretary under the Trump administration.

According to a report by The Texas Tribune, the newest gubernatorial challenger’s full name is Ricky Lynn Perry, and he is from Springtown, Texas, just northwest of Fort Worth.

Interestingly, however, Perry used the name “Rick Perry” on the filing form, meaning that his name will appear that way on the ballot paper.

Obviously it’s going to raise some eyebrows, and the Greg Abbott campaign has already picked up on that fact. Will voters think that they are casting their vote for Rick Perry, the former governor of Texas?

Is this a ploy to hurt the Abbott campaign?

Dave Carney, a strategist from the Abbott campaign, called the move a “stupid pet trick” that he expects will “backfire as these stunts always do.”

Perry’s filing form was notarized by Austin lawyer Tony McDonald, who has previously supported Abbott’s primary opponent Don Huffine. McDonald was asked by the Tribune about Perry, whom he described as a “good conservative activist” and said that he knows him through a friend.

Newsmax reported that Rick Perry may be a senior desktop technician working for Lockheed Martin, according to a LinkedIn profile that shares the same name and location.

What do you think – is this a ploy to trick voters and hurt Greg Abbott?