Man Who Spent $9,000 on Trump Sneakers Responds to Critics

( — The CEO of a luxury watch company who won an autographed pair of Trump’s “Never Surrender” gold high-tops during Sneaker Con in Philadelphia last weekend this week fought back against media claims that he was a “Russian oligarch.”

Luxury Bazaar CEO Roman Sharf had the winning bid of $9,000 to take home the high-tops autographed by Donald Trump when the former president launched the footwear on Saturday in Philadelphia.

In a video posted on social media showing Sharf winning the autographed sneakers, the luxury watch dealer said that he had one thing to say, adding, “Trump 2024.”

Despite some news outlets referring to Sharf as a Russian, he told Fox News that he was born in Ukraine.

Several outlets not only reported that Sharf was Russian, but they also described him as a “Russian oligarch,” a smear that prompted the businessman to release a video on X defending himself.

Along with the video, Sharf posted a lengthy statement, saying he was born in Ukraine and came to the United States with his father as a refugee. He explained that from 13, he worked whatever job he could find to earn money. Sharf also said he served in the US military to show “my honor and gratitude.”

He said since the news reports, some customers have said they will no longer do business with him over his support for Trump. Sharf, who describes himself as a “sneakerhead,” explained that his $9,000 winning bid on the Trump high-tops was not a political statement.

He expressed dismay over the divisiveness in the country today and said none of the negative comments he’s received would stop him “from being a patriot of this great country” that gave a poor immigrant like him “the opportunity to be where I am today.”

The video statement, which has been viewed more than a million times on X, prompted interviews with several outlets. In addition to Fox, Sharf appeared on Newsmax Wednesday, where he discussed the “Russian Oligarch” smear.

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