Man Who Wanted To Ban LGBTQ Books Charged With Molesting Child

( A Kansas man who recently spoke in support of banning sexually-explicit books from North Kansas City School District libraries is now facing charges related to child molestation and child pornography.

Ryan Utterback, 29, has been charged with second-degree felony child molestation and a misdemeanor charge of fourth-degree domestic assault. He has also been charged in a separate case with a misdemeanor charge of furnishing or attempting to furnish pornographic material to a minor.

Last Thursday, Utterback appeared for a hearing at the Clay County Court last Thursday, where the charges against him were read.

During the hearing on the first case, a probable cause statement alleged that in December 2020, Utterback laid on a bed with a child under twelve where he proceeded to fondle her. The girl reportedly told investigators Utterback placed the child on his lap where he rubbed her against him while touching her thighs.

In a separate incident from September 2020, Utterback stuck his finger through a tear in a teenage girl’s jeans and began rubbing her leg.

In the other case against him, it is alleged that in 2021 Utterback showed pornographic video footage from his cellphone to a child starting from when she was around 4 years old.

In November 2021, Utterback attended a school board meeting where he spoke out against LGBT books in North Kansas City school libraries that depicted sexually explicit images.

And during an October school board meeting when Northland Parent Association president Jay Richmond was speaking against the presence of these books in school libraries, Utterback stood beside Richmond holding up enlarged drawings depicting sex acts that were taken from one of the books in question.

On Friday, Jay Richmond said denied any connection to Utterback, saying that he needed help holding up his visual aids, and Utterback, as an attendee at the meeting offered to help him. Richmond said he wouldn’t comment on the charges against Utterback, adding they had nothing to do with him or the Northland Parent Association.

Utterback is scheduled to return to court again on March 10.