Marco Rubio Is In Trouble With The George Soros-Allied Media

( Democrats accused Florida Senator Marco Rubio of anti-Semitism when he presented an amendment to their $749 billion climate and tax package last week that would “give extra resources for local law enforcement.”

Rubio said that too many violent offenders belong in jail, not on our streets. Too many communities are victims of privileged laptop liberals who yell woke slogans but never face the consequences.

Rubio tweeted that Democrats thwarted his effort to get Soros-backed prosecutors to jail dangerous criminals.

It’s no surprise that Democrats, who advocate violent crime in their cities, would defend Soros. It’s also no surprise that Democrats, who blame everyone who disagrees with them of “-ism” or “-phobia,” would label Soros’ detractors as “anti-Semites.”

The charge against Rubio is ludicrous. He might as well say criticism toward him is anti-Latinism.

According to Politico, Soros wants to “reshape America’s justice system” with his financing.

“Justice Reform and the Rule of Law” received $84 million from Soros in 2020 alone.


If his foundation’s spending doesn’t show he supports left-wing prosecutors, read his WSJ op-ed, “Why I Support Reform Prosecutors.”

The Democrats are out of line when they ask, “What’s a Soros-backed prosecutor, Marco Rubio?” Do you mean Jewish?

Fred Guttenberg, a Parkland gun control campaigner, asked this question on Twitter.

He said, smarmily, “Asking for the many Floridians who are Jewish and who will be voting soon.”

It got even uglier.

Rubio knows that when Republicans say ‘Soros,’ they imply ‘Jewish.’ Democratic strategist Greg Pinelo tweeted.

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, said, “This is how anti-Semitism spreads.”

If attacking a Jewish billionaire who funds political organizations is anti-Semitic, then attacking the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson is too.

The leftist’s use of minorities as shields is a disgusting practice on multiple levels.

If they have a tough, unpopular bill that they want to ram through without having it examined on its merits, their strategy is to have it proffered by a minority. That way, any opposition can be framed as an “ism.”

Do they care that the minority is being used in that way?

Absolutely not.

Do they care that they disingenuously label a dissenter as a racist, homophobe, islamophobe, transphobe, etc.?

Absolutely not.

This was Obama’s value.

“Point out the racist who dares disagree with the black man!!”

What a despicable playbook.