Marco Rubio Leads The Charge To Have John Kerry Fired

( Republican Florida Senator Marco Rubio may be guilty of being a RINO at times, but his recent condemnation of the Biden administration over its bizarre decision to appoint John Kerry as a “climate czar” is pure gold.

Writing for Fox News last Friday, Rubio said that the unelected bureaucrat who wasn’t confirmed by Congress should be fired by the president and that he holds no legitimacy.

He wrote that “nothing is going right” for Joe Biden or the country lately, with groceries and gas becoming more expensive, supply chains being bottlenecked, and divisive Marxist policies tearing communities apart.

Rubio said that we’ve been embarrassed on the world stage thanks to Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal and that now, the top adviser for the White House is “profiting from slave labor.”


Rubio was calling out the fact that Kerry appears totally unwilling to criticize the Chinese Communist Party for using slave labor to manufacture products that are shipped all over the world, and has even refused to pressure China to end its genocide and imprisonment of the Uyghur Muslims.

He also noted that Kerry opposed his “Uyghur Forced Labor Act” and has convinced President Joe Biden to “stay silent on the bill.”

“According to a new report, Kerry and his wife have at least $1 million invested in a Chinese investment group called Hillhouse China Value Fund L.P.,” Rubio said.

This fact alone, he said, raises serious questions about whether Kerry can even negotiate in good faith with Beijing on matters like climate change.

No kidding.

He also noted how reports suggest that Hillhouse is a “top shareholder” in a Chinese company known as YITU Technology that was blacklisted by the Trump administration in 2019 after it was revealed the company was engaging in the surveillance, detention, and oppression of Uyghur Muslims and other minorities in China.

Why won’t Joe Biden fire this guy?