Marjorie Taylor Green Suggests American “Divorce” As Poll Shows Americans Want To Secede

( Marjorie Taylor Greene, the firebrand Republican congresswoman who really gets on the Democrats’ nerves, hit the headlines this week when she published a poll on her Twitter account asking her followers if they support the idea of a “National Divorce.”

The concept of a National Divorce is that the United States is irreparably divided and that the country should be split into two – one side being progressive, woke, and Democrat, and the other side being populist and largely Republican.

“Should America have a national divorce?” she asked, with the options “yes, by R&D states,” “No, stay together,” and “undecided.”

While the poll wasn’t scientific, in the sense that most of Greene’s followers are Republicans, it found that the idea is – ironically – very divisive. Some 18,500 people responded to the poll, and as of October 12, some 50.8% of people said that they would support the idea of splitting up the country, and 38.7% said that they would prefer the country remain together. 10.5% of respondents said that they were unsure.

The idea of a National Divorce has been popularized by conservative think tank The Claremont Institute, as well as a multitude of conservative commentators like Dave Reaboi. And while some Democrats like to use it as a stick to beat Republicans with, the idea is actually fairly popular with some radical Democrats too.

The prospect of the United States remaining divided for the foreseeable future is hard to ignore. The last election was very close, and given the evidence of fraud and misconduct, the idea that the country could come together any time soon seems far-fetched.

But a National Divorce would be fraught with problems. What happens to states that are overwhelmingly Republican except for the major cities within them?

Would rural New York be forced to live under a Democratic president in perpetuity just because New York City has gone woke?