Marjorie Taylor Greene Airs Money Laundering Allegations Against Biden

( — Last week, Republicans on the House Oversight Committee revealed that Joe Biden received a $200,000 personal check from his brother James that was issued the same day that a healthcare company managing rural hospitals wired $200,000 into James Biden’s bank account, CBS News reported.

The check, paid to Joe Biden in 2018, was labeled as a loan repayment. James Biden issued the check the same day Americore Health LLC wired him a loan of $200,000.

According to Oversight Chairman James Comer, James Biden’s ability to pay the loan back to his brother “depended on the success” of the Biden family’s “shady financial dealings.”

In a bankruptcy filing in 2022, Americore claimed that the president’s brother received hundreds of thousands in loans from the company based on the promise that the Biden name “could ‘open doors’” and help the company “obtain a large investment from the Middle East” through James Biden’s political connections.

When Americore later sued for non-payment of the loans, the president’s brother agreed to settle by paying Americore $350,000.

In a video message on X, Georgia Congresswoman Majorie Taylor Greene claimed that the check obtained by the Oversight Committee was “direct evidence” of money laundering.

Greene described the payment to Biden as “corruption at the highest level.”

However, James Biden’s attorney, Paul Fishman, disputed how the Oversight Committee was portraying the payment, saying the description is “highly selective and misleading.”

Fishman said James Biden received a loan from his brother in January 2018 and paid it back six weeks later. He said that James Biden “at no time” involved his brother in his “business relationships.”

White House spokesman Ian Sams accused the Republican House of releasing the check to distract from its failure to elect a Speaker of the House.

In a statement to CBS News, Sams said that after “rummaging” through James Biden’s bank records, the Oversight Committee “again turned up zero evidence of wrongdoing” on the part of the president.

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