Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Democrats Are Now Socialist Party

( Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the embattled Republican congresswoman from Georgia, slammed Democrats as advocating “pure racism” during an interview with Steve Bannon on his “War Room” podcast this week. Greene slammed Democrats and the corporate media for profiting from dividing the nation with promises of a “race war.”

Greene’s criticism was hardly mild, claiming that the Democrats have effectively become the “National Socialist Party,” referencing the party of Adolf Hitler in the early 20th Century.

Greene said that it is racism for the Democrats to say that Americanism is about “being white,” a claim heard increasingly from Democrats and Democrat-supporting celebrities. She added that no person should be shamed for being patriotic, and that the Democratic Party and media are spreading racism and hate.

“They use the word Democrats and in every single bill and policy that they are socialist,” Greene said, before adding that the Democrats are shaming Americans for loving their country.

On Kamala Harris, she called the vice president an “embarrassment to the United States” and laughed off how she was told to go home when she arrived in Guatemala to preach.

Greene then encouraged other members of Congress to work with her on her “Protect America First” bill, a proposed piece of legislation that will stop immigration for four years, expedite the removal of millions of illegal aliens in the United States, and support law enforcement in enforcing immigration law.

The bill would also empower ICE to deport violent criminal aliens, revoke the DACAa and DAPA programs, and revive President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policies.

It would also resume the construction of the southern border wall – a key Trump policy that was revoked on day one of President Joe Biden’s time in the White House.

Based on all that, it seems pretty unlikely that Congress – at least, right now – will get behind the bill.

But at least Rep. Greene is standing up and telling the truth about the Democrats.