Marjorie Taylor Greene’s New Book Is a Dud

( — Despite being promoted by Donald Trump, Marjorie Taylor Greene’s memoir “MTG” is a sales flop, Newsweek reported.

Greene’s memoir was released on November 21, just in time for the Christmas shopping season. However, according to data from Amazon, sales have been less than spectacular.

Nearly a week after its release, “MTG” was ranked at 9,735 on Amazon’s best-selling book list. Only eight Amazon customers wrote a review of the book, and it received a rating of only two out of five stars.

One of the reviewers who gave “MTG” only one star, who claimed to be a supporter of the Georgia congresswoman and voted for her twice, described the memoir as “garbage.” The reviewer said the only thing truthful about the memoir was Greene’s name.

Another reviewer claimed to have read a copy a neighbor had thrown away. Giving the memoir a 1-star rating, the reviewer described reading it as a “boring mistake” and described it as “far from any reality.”

Another 1-star reviewer bashed the “America First” book for being printed in Canada and described the memoir as “filled with lies.”

The memoir ranked 27 in the political commentary and opinion category on Amazon, far below Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s new book “Unwoke: How to Defeat Cultural Marxism in America,” which was ranked number 6.

According to Greene, the memoir includes “inside stories about the Swamp you won’t hear anywhere else.”

However, in his review of the memoir for the UK Guardian, Lloyd Green described it as “score-settling” fiction full of “venom,” “self-absolution,” and “self-aggrandizement.”

According to Lloyd Green, the more than 275-page memoir reads “like an audition for the No. 2 slot on the 2024 Republican presidential ticket.”

Greene’s memoir is the latest book published by Donald Trump Junior’s Winning Team publishing company. Like the reviewer on Amazon, Lloyd Green notes that the so-called “America First” book by the so-called “America First” publishing company was printed in Canada.

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